Product range

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  • овощи
  • грибы
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EcoBazaar is a unique agricultural market where not only farmers commodities from all the regions of Russia but also specialtiesfrom Spain, Italy, France and Greece are presented. Once inside the EcoBazaar, you go on a world gastronomic tour during which you will meet venison from Krasnoyarsk, Far Eastern see food, Greek olives, Siberian mushrooms and berries, Oriental sweets
sweets and many other tasty and healthy products! Trying to make EcoBazaar as comfortable and functional as possible we have provided you, our customers, with all the services and with a wide assortment of associated goods.
Trying to make EcoBazaar as comfortable and functional as possible, we have included all the customer services and associated goods.

The best vendors

Mishina Galina

Mishina Galina

Private subsidiary farming in the village Zaokskoye, Ryazan region
Galina is a true farmer. She is keeping a private subsidiary farming which this year will celebrate its 50th birthday. It is very important for Galina that the products which she sells are not only tasty but also healthy.
The main criterion for the selection of tenants at the EcoBazaar is not only the quality of goods and services but also a customerservice level which should be kept up to date. To stimulate and motivate our vendors we have decided to organize a contest «The best vendors». We ask you to write feedbacks, on which basis we will choose the best of the best. The winners will get valuable prizes.
Vote for your favorite vendors!
All the products which come in the EcoBazaar pass the strict sanitary quality control in the independent veterinary laboratory with up-to-date equipment.

Food products

The first floorwelcomes you with delicious flavors of oven-fresh bread and homemade smoked meat. Practically all the food commodities are presented here for you to buy fresh and natural products from the farming enterprises from all over Russia.

Associated goods

Gain the second floor or have a wander round the shops on the first floor which have exits to the street and you won’t regret it: a wide range of goods for children and creative work in the shops “Korablik” and “Stantsiyadomashnyaya” will gladden moms as well as children; any housewife will like the assortment of homeware in the store “Yuzhniydvor”  and will find a holiday clothes in “Boutique Rome” and “Rizhskiydommody”; those who like to have a nice sleep will find a good matrass and beautiful bedclothing in the shop “Odeyaloipodoushka”  and new gadgets fans can buy a super cell-phone in “Svyaznoy” and “MTS”.
  • Drugstore “Pleniya”
    Drugstore “Pleniya”
  • “Lavka zdorovja”
    “Lavka zdorovja”
  • Pet shop
    Pet shop
  • Optician’s “Favorit”
    Optician’s “Favorit”
  • Leather products shop “Medvedkovo”
    Leather products shop “Medvedkovo”
  • Phone shop “MTS”
    Phone shop “MTS”
  • “Vivien”
  • “Keramicheskaya lavka”
    “Keramicheskaya lavka”
  • “Kokhi Toka”
    “Kokhi Toka”
  • “Podarok”
  • “Odeyalo i podoushka”
    “Odeyalo i podoushka”
  • “Khizhina Rybaka”
    “Khizhina Rybaka”
  • “Stantsiya “Domashnyaya”
    “Stantsiya “Domashnyaya”
  • Accessories for computers and phones


If you come to us with a baby, he won’t feel bored when you do shopping – experienced animators and pedagogues from the childcentre “Izoumroodniygorod” will entertain your kid. While father is repairing a lock in the consumer services centre, granny can pay utility bills in FinanceBusinessBank or in RosselhozBank and mommy can do nails in “Commeilfaut”. And if you have long working hours ahead or you feel tired by the end of the day and don’t want to do anything, you can have a bite or a cup of flavorsome coffee in the coffee shops on the first floor.
  • Dom byta
  • Child leisure centre “Izoumroodniy gorod”
  • Nail bar “Comme il faut”
  • “Yoghurteriya”
  • Banking outlet
  • Rep office of furniture factory
  • Travel agency “Goryachie toury”
  • Post terminal