Goryachiye toury

    Owner: LLC “Major Tour”
    Products geography: Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Italy, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Bulgaria, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, the USA etc.
    Location: 2nd floor
    Номер торгового места: 194
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    We can provide you with information on all the countries and directions, from water and air temperature in the concrete season in any part of the world to the cost of the tour at the dates you need. The personnel here consists of those people who sincerely loves travels and vacations.

    Main assortment

    Available; - tours to different countries of the world, from classic to exotics – sea and river cruisers – health-related programs – children vacations – assistance in procurement of visas – hotel booking

    Exclusive products

    VIP service and individual approach. Assistance in organization of romantic vacation (from beautiful proposal to the fantastic honey-moon