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Owner: LLC “Selskiye product”
Products geography: Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Bryansk, Smolensk, Oryol, Tambov and Tver regions.
Location: 1st floor, to the left from the central entrance
Номер торгового места: 69

Tasty milk products for health and eating. The main goal of our project is to offer our customers natural products for healthy eating. We offer you wide assortment of products for balanced eating. Honest and natural products without toxic addities. The most affordable prices possible for high quality and natural products.

Main assortment

Everything is natural, without preservatives: Milk products. Baby food. Ready-to-cook food of natural meat. Pastries. Ice cream, juice, fruit-drinks, full sour.

Exclusive products

All our products are natural and very tasty. They are being produced by small farmers enterprises out of supreme quality milk and meat.