EcoBazaar Mytishchi

EcoBazaar is not just a greenmarket . It is a unique commercial format where you can always find fresh agricultural commodities and all the necessary consumer services. It is a modern center of social life which unites people around the taste and gastronomic diversity.



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We are open every day from 9:00 to 21:00

Mytishchi, Veteranov avenue, build. 2


natural farmers commodities

The best farming enterprises bring daily their products right to us that is why there is always a wide range of fresh agricultural commodities at the EcoBazaar. Since the moment EcoBazaar has been opened, the citizens are no longer in question where to buy fresh milk or meat. You will always find fresh products of high-quality for the whole family at the EcoBazaar and the foodies will please themselves with delicacies from Spain, Italy, France, Greece and other countries.

We have made EcoBazaar convenient for you: on the first floor there is a fast food outlet, a full circle bakery, a consumer services centre, a drug store, a phone shop etc; on the first floor there is a child leisure centreand associated goods stores.

Fresh eggs from dunghill hens

You can always buy here fresh farm hen, goose, quail and even ostrich eggs!

Fresh farmers commodities

We choose the most reliable agricultural producers for you which are responsible for the quality of their products. Come to EcoBazaar and you will personally get acquainted with our farmers. You will not only buy the freshest products but will also learn a lot of interesting things.

Farmer's advices

All the honey is being worked in the ecologically friendly area of Belgorod region. I gather and sell it myself. I am responsible for quality! Come and taste!

Sergey Izbrodin, trade place 101- 103



  • Only proven producers

    Only proven producers

    We do our best for the products on your table to be healthy. We thoroughly examine all the products before they come to the counter of the EcoBazaar. Our specialists are constantly searching for the best farming enterprises in different regions of Russia and abroad to satisfy the most sophisticated customers.

  • Strict quality control

    Strict quality control

    Every day we perform a strict quality control before the products go on sale. For this purpose we have an independent state up-to-date equipped veterinary laboratory at the market. Moreover, each customer can go to the laboratory to check their purchases.

  • Social responsibility

    Social responsibility

    We have created comfortable conditions for everyone. EcoBazaar is built with a glance to needs of all the social groups including parents with children and people with reduced capabilities. It helps all the customers to feel free and comfortable.

    We render assistance to the veterans who live in our district; provide the pensioners with free places where they can sell products from their kitchen gardens; we actively participate in all the social events of the town.