What honey is useful for

13 august 2013

What honey is useful for

Honey is a real stockpot of unique and healthy elements, microelements and vitamins C and B. Natural sugars like fruit sugar are the main components of honey. The concentration of honey benefits depends on the quality of nectar farina, on the plants from which it was gotten and on the time it was gathered. There a lot of honey varieties but the most popular in our country are white, flower and buckwheat. All these honey varieties you can buy at my TP 101-103. Natural honey has a wonderful flower-herbal aroma, it rasps the throat a little, because of long preservation or low temperatures it can candy, but it doesn’t lose its benefits because of it. It is possible only if you heat it with temperature which is higher than 25 degrees.

What honey is useful for!

Honey is so often used in folk-medicine, that there is probably no more such a product. It is especially popular when treating the cold. In most cases if you drink a glass of hot milk with honey, you wilt all the symptoms of cold and you don’t need to go to the drugstore to buy medicines. First of all honey protects your immune system if you take it often enough. This natural product is extremely effective if you cough, have nasal blockage, sore throat and even conjunctivitis. Honey helps to maintain calcium in your body that naturally takes the inflammatory process away.

Польза меда

Also honey has obtained a wide circulation in culinary and cosmetology. You can add to porridges, yoghurts, muesli, use it when making different drinks, desserts, bakery and even season meat dishes with it.

The only counterindication is probably the allergy to honeycraft products. Apart from that honey is overwhelmingly healthy and useful that is proved by many generations.

Eat honey and be healthy!