How to preserve honey

28 august 2013

How to preserve honey

To keep all the honey benefits it’s very important to preserve it in a right way to maintain nutritional value and medical properties of this sweet product. You just need to follow simple storage rules.


How to preserve honey

At the most popular among customers question “Where to preserve honey?” I usually answer the following. You should preserve homey in ideally clean utensils without any smell. You mustn’t preserve fresh honey in the container where was the old one. It is because honey vestiges will cause fermentation of fresh honey and that will strongly influence its quality.

For honey preservation I usually recommend:

  1. Hard wood firkins. I wouldn’t recommend to you to preserve honey in oat firkins because it darkens in them. Also soft resin wood firkins won’t do;
  2. Aluminum and stainless steel cans and canteens;
  3. Metal cans laid over with edible varnish on the inside;
  4. Aluminum foil glasses;
  5. Glass containers;
  6. Ceramic wells laid over with glaze on the inside. You can buy such wells on the 2nd floor of EcoBazaar in the ceramic stand near the escalator.

I strongly recommend you against the preservation of honey in zincware, copperware and plumbic utensils. In them takes place a chemical reaction of honey acid with steel and because of it appear dangerous for people toxins. Iron utensils are also not good for honey preservation because acid in the honey has an effect on the steel and attacks the container and honey gets a steel taste and an unpleasant chemical smell. Non-food synthetics utensils also are not good for preservation.

You need to protect white honey from different insects. Utensils should be air locked with tough plastic of rubber-bonded steel tops.

Honey very quickly absorbs any off-odors. That is why you shouldn’t preserve honey next to toxic chemicals, flammables, paints and colors, construction materials. Also you shouldn’t put it next to provisions with strong flavors such as fish, cheese, pickled and salted vegetables.

Also you should consider that honey can grow and shrink that is why you shouldn’t overfill the container.

How to preserve honey at home

Как хранить мед дома

“How to preserve honey at home?” – many of you ask me when buying honey. And it is understandable , cause everyone who loves honey wants it to keep all the “spring and sunny flavors”. At home you should preserve honey in dark cool place, something like cellar. You can also keep in the fridge. But it is recommended to protect honey in glass cans from direct sunlight as well as from diffused light. As a result of the continuous light during 2 days practically fully ruin those very enzymes which antimicrobial qualities.

At what temperature you should preserve buckwheat honey? Not more than 20 degrees below zero. Honey qualities don’t change at that temperature. You shouldn’t even heat it even up to 35-40 degrees above zero. At that temperature quickly change the chemical compound of honey, its color vanishes, taste worsens, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, microbicides ruin. As a result of heating honey starts fermenting and turns into sweet mass where there is nothing bur carbohydrates.

You need to know that honey is very water absorbing. When you break the preservation rules it turns sour.

How long can you preserve honey

Dealing with the honey preservation terms you have to understand that honey can be liquid, thick and hive. When honey is fresh it is bright and liquid. It is that very form in which it has a medical effect. These very benefits maintain for a year. Then this honeycraft product loses a lot of fruit-sugar, vitamins B and C and there are becoming more sugar and acids. But if someone in your family catches a cold, the question on how low long you van preserve honey is no longer actual. The main thing here is just to have this very honey because hot tea with honey is the first natural aid for a constantly sneezing and coughing person. If you take this medicine when you feel the very first symptoms maybe you won’t need pills from the drugstore.

Запомните, что сразу же после выкачки из рамок, мед начинает кристаллизироваться. Если мед имеет свойство кристаллизироваться, это значит он — натуральный. Поэтому все сорта натурального меда в осенне-зимний период имеют густую непрозрачную консистенцию.

My piece of advice:if you see liquid honey in winter for sale – you should know it is either artificial or strongly heated honey and that means that it’s not medical anymore.

Hive honey: how to preserve it

Мед в сотах

Many customers don’t buy hive honey because they don’t know how to preserve it.

It is better to put it in food wrap and preserve it in dry, cool, light tight place. FYI, hive honey contains a lot of enzymes which help to preserve honey for tens of years.

Of course the question of how, for how long and where to preserve honey are still topical. So come to my TP № 101 – 103 and I will answer your questions.