Owner: LLC “EcoZhizn”
    Products geography: Russia (Moscow region, Kaluga region, Tver region, Krasnodar region), Germany, France, England, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland
    Location: 1st floor to the left from the main entrance, TP №83
    Номер торгового места: 83
    Company “EcoZhizn” realizes certified organic products of Russian and foreign producers. Such organic products are being produced within the standards of the organic agriculture, that is:
    - Pesticide free
    - Chemical additives free
    - GMO free
    - without synthetic feed additives and growth-regulating chemicals
    - without synthetic preservatives, colourings and flavourants

    Main assortment

    - Milk and cultured milk foods; - Chilled meat and ready-to-cook food; - Sausages and meat delicacies; - Juice and soft drinks; - Groceries; - Conservatives (vegetables, legumes); - Tea, coffee; - Spices; - Biscuits, chocolate.