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Syr v masle

Owner: PE Biryokov A.Yu.
Products geography: Belarus, Russia, foreign producers
Location: 1st floor
Номер торгового места: 87

Our shop assortment 90% consists of Belarus production products. There goods became popular on Russian market because of its high quality.

Because of professional work we have the following competitive advantages:

- Low prices. Direct delivers from Belarus plants and also minimal extra-charges let us sell our products at affordable prices.

- Wide assortment. Because of the cooperation with tens of Belarus plants we have an opportunity to provide our customer with a big choice of milk and sausage products.

- Own logistics. Our own car fleet with new automobiles and good logistics let us deliver the freshest products possible.

- Qualifies personnel. Sellers who went through a special training service the customers quickly and politely. 

Main assortment

Milk and sausage products, frozen ready-to-cook-food, meat and fish preserves, groceries.