Spring culinary workshop on February, 22 2014

Winter snappy days are coming to the end, the last snow is melting, nature is waking up and even air seems different. In expectation of the first spring sun everyone can’t resist his hopes and impulses. At the spring workshop that was held on the EcoBazaar territory on February, 22, we tried to share with you secrets of waking up from winter sleep and also high spirits and spring feeling.

The themes of our event were beloved holidays: Defender’s Day and International Women’s Day the 8th of March. Festival guests participated in fantastic workshops on cooking special dishes for soulmates. Under the guidance of the virtuoso chef women have learnt the ropes of “brutal dishes” cooking for their defenders and men have learnt to cook simple but tasty desserts for their “fair ladies”.

On the menu:

Milan osso buco with herbes de Provence
English chocolate fadj with nuts
Old Slavonic recipe of pancake pie with mushrooms and chicken

Moreover, this tasty party was accompanied by food function of the cooked dishes and draws of presents. Every EcoBazaar visitors with purchases on more than 300 rubles, got a coupon and could participate in the draw of prizes: linseed oil, delicious Belyaevskaya marshmallow and branded basket filled with different viands and delicacies.

We were happy to plunge with you into gastronomic tour and hope that at this party we gave you positive emotions and paid attention to everyone!

Thank you for being with us this day! We are waiting for you again!

Event photos are here
Detailed recipes of the dishes cooked by the chef are here
Event video you can see here