Having fun at the Maslenitsa Festival!

How many public holidays do we have? Such holiday when the doors are wide open, open air celebrations are everywhere, when everyone, young and old, is having fun! Of course we mean Maslenitsa festival, that very time with horse ridings, circle dances, brisk market, sweets, toys and fireworks.

This year we celebrate Maslenitsa from February, 24 till March, 2. Each day of the Butter week has its own ceremony. Monday – meeting of the Maslenitsa, on Tuesday – start of merriment.  On “sweet tooth” day, i.e. on Butter week Wednesday, mother-in-laws invited son-in-laws and their wives. On Thursdays there were the most crowded sleddings. On Friday – mother-in-law parties – son-in-laws invited their mother-in-laws on treatings. Saturday was for sister-in-laws parties. And the last day was called a Shrove Sunday.
If you want to bid fancy and gamy farewells to winter – come to EcoBazaar on March, 2!
An interesting programe is waiting for you:

  • delicious pancakes with different refills
  • tricks, entertainments and interesting contests
  • Maslenitsa for babies
  • Face painting
  • and universal appeal trampolines!

The festival starts at 12:00 on March, 2!

We are waiting for you, you family and friends!