Report on the litter-pick at the EcoBazaar

Our dear neighbors –Mytishchi residents!

We would like to resume the litter-pick which took place on April, 27 on the Veterans Boulevard and express our gratitude to all of you, all the active and deedful residents who participated in campaign “Let’s make Mytishchi cleaner!”

Thanks to you we recreated a traditional Soviet litter-pick where participated old and young. In such a way, we have managed to unite all the residents with one common task – cleaning of the native town. Especially we would like to not the participation of many youngsters, parents with children and teenagers. Everyone was very active and worked really hard. By virtue of your efforts the territory of the square on the Veterans Boulevard became much cleaner and neater: you have picked all the litter and last year leaf, painted and dig round the trees. So, Veterans Boulevard has become a nice place for walks along the beautiful glades.

Emcee helped to create cheerful spring mood with funny contests at the end of which all the participants got valuable prizes.

We declare the litter-pick closed! Hooray, comrades! Hooray!

Photo report from the litter-pick April, 27

Video report from the litter-pick April, 27