Fire drills at the EcoBazaar in Mytishchi


In the EcoBazaar building (bldg. 2, Veterans Boulevard, Mytishchi, Moscow region) there were fire drills.

On May, 20 2013 at 11:00 on the signal of the evacuation conductor the operational service specialist initiated the automatic fire-alarm system actuation in the mall building through the fumigation of 2 smoke detectors. As a result, there was a phased cut-in of the fire-alarm system on an automatic basis: elevators went down to the 1st floor, escalators stopped moving, air ventilation systems switched off, smoke exhaust systems switched on, evacuation announcement was heard.

After the detection of the fire outbreak zone, the measures on the fire emergency call and suppression with emergency fire-fighting equipment were taken.

The personnel and visitors of the EcoBazaar were urgently evacuated and the access into the building and the parking were shut. Also, a special tool for the evacuation of invalids was unfolded.

Everyone could go back only after the permission of the evacuation conductor. The training went within the exercise plan , synergism of the operational and security services provided the efficiency of the action course.

Keep calm doing shopping and don’t worry about your safety!