Harvest month – report on the healthiest fish-and-vegetables day September, 28 2013.

On September, 28 at the EcoBazaar there was one more event in the framework of the “Harvest month” – “The healthiest fish-and-vegetables day”. This day all the fish-and-vegetables lovers got a boost of positive emotions and presents from EcoBazaar. One of the best presents was the food function at all the trade places where they sell fish and vegetables.  

In the course of the workshop, which was conducted by the famous chef, the visitors of the event could learn how to cook tasty and unusual seafood and vegetable dishes. This time it was “Fish lunch” that was presented to guests.

What was on the menu: prawns in crème sauce, tsar’s fish broth, “Adygeya” flavoring vegetables.

IMG_4019 (Copy).jpg

The workshop participants were attentively listening to the emcee and chef because it was that very day there were 20 and 40% discounts on all the fish and vegetable products, that means that all the necessary ingredients for these dishes were much cheaper. This was a nice surprise for the customers and they were leaving the market with a lot of purchases!

Chef shared his personal secrets once again and explained all his actions in details. And at the end of each dish preparation he let all the customers try his fine cuisines. Most of all all the workshop attendees liked, of course, prawns in crème sauce. That was really delicious! It will make you long for more! Bright menus which were passed in the course of the culinary show described all the recipes.

After the healthy “lunch” the emcee made an excursion along the “Vitamin rows” and fishmongers’ trade places and shared a lot of interesting facts about them: what region are the products from, what unusual do they sell and what specialties do they have.

After the excursion the emcee presented to the most active customers prizes from sponsors – the shop “Odeyalo I podushka” and “Yuzhniy dvor”, which are situated on the 2nd floor. The main prize was a giant basket with fish delicacies and dainties which you can buy at the EcoBazaar in quantity: omul, broad whitefish, candle fish, dried calamaries, red caviar etc.

This “The healthiest fish-and-vegetable day” was really appetizing and delicious, each customer could buy fish and vegetable products at a lower price and learn something new about the EcoBazaar products. And to think that many commodities are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else in Mytishchi!

We are waiting for you and your family at the EcoBazaar!

Event photos are here

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