Dry-cleaner's “Mechta” is opened on the 2nd floor

Now dry-cleaning is available for those who live near EcoBazaar – dry-cleaner’s “Mechta” is opened on the 2nd floor, to the left from “FinanceBusinessBank”.

Many people doubt whether there is any use in bringing their clothes to the dry-cleaner’s. We definitely say that there is! Because dry-cleaner’s “Mechta” is equipped with an up-to-date outfit of the leading companies from Italy, Belgium and Sweden. That is why you shouldn’t worry about the quality of the services!

We would also like to note that the production department is located in Moscow. The aqua-cleaning technology is widely used there. With the help of it, it is possible to clean in water items with natural fibers of wool and silk.

“Mechta” offers you affordable prices and wide assortment of services:

- Casuals dry-cleaning

- “TexLine” technology which brings back the fabric characteristics

- Aqua-cleaning is a delicate processing of the combines and exclusive items

- The cleaning of sheepskin coats, leather and chamois items

- The cleaning of fur items

- The cleaning of curtains, louvre-boards

- Wet wash, ironing of soft goods

- Cleaning and wet wash of children items, toys

- Consumer service center

- Dyeing of sheepskin coats and leather jackets

More information on the company’s services and production department you can find on the site of the “Mechta” company.

Come and see the quality of the services for yourself! EcoBazaar 2nd floor, to the left from “FinanceBusinessBank”.