Harvest month – report on the most nourishing day October, 5 2013

On October, 5 at the EcoBazaar there was the final event of the series under the general name “Harvest month” – “The most nourishing meat day”. This day all the meat lovers got a boost of positive emotions and presents from EcoBazaar.

During the workshop the already well-known chef demonstrated the EcoBazaar customers how to cook testy and unusual meat dishes to arrange a “meat fest”. And it was easy to do that day: there were 20 and 40% discounts on all the meat products! Those who really liked this offer were men – the biggest meat lovers!

What was on the menu that day: homemade meat dumplings, chateaubriand with grilled vegetables, “hussar” chicken fillet.

IMG_7927 (Copy).jpg

The chef shared his personal secrets and told in details how to cook each dish. As far as cooking, there was a “hot and hot” food function. Most of the workshop attendees preferred “hussar” chicken fillet. That was really masculine – very nourishing and tasty! All the workshop participants got a colorful menu as a present where were detailed descriptions of all the recipes.

After such a feast the emcee made an excursion to the butchers’ trade places during which he shared a lot of interesting facts about the presented farming subsidiaries: what region are the products from, what unusual do they sell and what specialties do they have.

After the excursion the emcee presented to the most active customers prizes from sponsors – the shop “Odeyalo I podushka” and “Yuzhniy dvor”, which are situated on the 2nd floor. The main prize was a giant basket with meat delicacies which you can buy at the EcoBazaar in quantity: balyk, smoked ribs, Belarus dripping, liver sausage and other flavorsome meat delicacies.

This meat holiday was really appetizing and delicious, each customer could buy meat and meat delicacies at a lower price and learn something new about the EcoBazaar products. And to think that many commodities are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else in Mytishchi!

Such simple but really tasty dishes – that is what was the high light of the day for the workshop participants and the EcoBazaar customers.

We are waiting for you and your family at the EcoBazaa!

Event photos are here