Children party “EcoGarden – little farmer”: how it was

On May, 25 EcoBazaar met little guests. An edutainment party “EcoGarden – little farmer” was organized for them.

Together with Aleksandr Ganechkin, little farmers learnt how to choose the seeds and plant cucumbers. Every participant of “field work” could take a block home to plant his personal cucumber at granny’s dacha.

On the improvised farm kids have learnt a lot of new facts about farm animals and could feed and pat rabbits, goats, a lamb, geese and a dreamboat cockerel.

But the most spectacular and funny was the young milkmaids and milkmen contest. They had to juice as much milk as possible in 2 minutes. But the cow was an artificial one. The winner was a young Mytishchi resident Ivan and as a prize he got 3 litters of fresh farm milk from EcoBazaar.

Then there were funny quizzes at our unusual farm party. The quiz heroes were fruit and vegetables.

At the end of the party there was an open-air interactive disco which the kids liked so much.

Little farmers who showed commitment and intellectual curiosity got prizes and presents. But all the party attendees got a great spring mood as a present.

Photo report from the children party May, 25

Video report from the children party May, 25