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EcoBazaar is a project of the real estate holding CorpEstatewhich is a part of Rostik Group Corporation.The basis of ECoBazaar forms an idea of new generation green markets chain creation, where conditions are comfortable not only for customers but also for vendors.

Active advertising policy and wide assortment let us plan and keep the EcoBazaar traffic on a high level.


1st floor — farmers market, bakery, drugstore, optician’s, phone shops, pet shop, café, customer services centre. More

2nd floor — baby-goods store “Korablik”, chain family shoe shop “BashMag”, homeware supermarket “Yuzhniydvor”, homeware, hobby and creative work goods centre “StantsiyaDomashnyaya”, home textile shop “Odeyalo I podushka”, child leisure centre “ Izoumroodniygorod”, associated goods and services. More

Renting contacts:

Yulia Bolotnikova

Brokerage department director

Tel.:(495) 788-44-88, ext. 2021

+7 (967)187-40-69

Irina Lidova

 Brokerage department administrator

Tel.:(495) 788-44-88, ext.2497

+7 (903) 509-57-57


Opening date – November, 29 2011

Total area – 12 680 sq.m

Parking – 140 parking slots

Retail area – 2 700 sq.m

Technical area – 900 sq.m

Farmers market area – 2 820 sq.m

Average traffic:

weekdays – 10 000 ppl

weekend – 12 000 ppl.

Prime location

The central part of the town Mytishchi (2 km from Moscow) in the mass residential construction area.

75 000 citizens live within walking distance.

In close vicinity to EcoBazaar there are a residential compound «Kvartal 9/18» for 5 000 citizens and residential area “Yaroslavskiy” (the construction is performed by the group of companies “PIK”) for 50 000 citizens under construction.

5 convenient access lanes from Moscow on the personal transport, 5 bus services (including those which are to Moscow), 3 railway station.

In 2015 it is planned to open a Moscow metro station “Chelobitjevo” within walking distance from EcoBazaar.

карта арендаторов

Our advantages:

  • Our advantages 1

    Prime location

    EcoBazaar is situated in the most active part of the town within walking distance from a big residential are.
  • Our advantages 2

    High traffic

    More than 10 000 people come to EcoBazaar at the weekdays, at the weekends and on holidays there are more than 14 000 visitors.
  • Our advantages 3

    Comfort for tenants

    Fully equipped trade places, sprawling infrastructure and wide range of services.
  • Our advantages 4

    Flexible lease terms

    We practice an individual approach to each tenant at the EcoBazaar.level.
  • Our advantages 5

    Active marketing policy

    Active advertising policy helps us to keep traffic on a consistent high.

Looking for tenants

Розничная сеть

If you have tasty, fresh and healthy products which you want to offer to Mytishchi citizens – you are mostly welcome to rent a trade place at the greenmarket on the first floor. You can rent fully equipped trade places from 4 to 20 sq.m.

If your specialists are ready to provide customer services or you can offer a quality product from the assortment of manufactured goods, there are quite enough comfortable spots on the second floor. You can rent trade places and pavilions from 6 to 300 sq.m.

Original offers would be an asset!

A special precedence is given to:

  • Farmers and owners of private subsidiary farmings which realize their own products;
  • entrepreneurs which offer unique products not presented in other stores of the town;
  • owners and distributors of commodity trade stamps from the CIS.
Гусь Market map

Market map

You can see the location of places for tenants and the scheme of the floors etc.

Comfort for tenants

  • Fully equipped trade places in the farm commodities trading area:
  • Refrigirated cases, worktables, wash tanks with sprayes, refrigerators for product storage, germicide ultraviolet bulbs and POS scales.
  • Dry storages and refrigerators of different temperature, equipped sections of deep presales training.
  • Free veterinary laboratory services.
  • Engineering, mounting and dismantlement of the trade place.
  • Uniform.
  • Execution of the vendor card.

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