Kaluga region governor Anatoliy Artamonov visited EcoBazaar

The construction of the farmers market “EcoBazaar” which offers an absolutely new for Obninsk and the whole Kaluga region trade and service format is coming to an end. That is why the Kaluga region governor Anatoliy Artamonov expectedly took interest in it and visited this object in the framework of the governor’s Accommodation board which was taking place in Obninsk.

The “EcoBazaar” concept really complies with the strategy of the Kaluga region agricultural sector development which includes the extensive support of the local agriproducts producers. And the well-known motto “Buy Kaluga-produced!” will find its realization at such objects as “EcoBazaar”. Because its philosophy is based on the provision of trade places to the agriproducts producers, who got all the conditions on the modern technologies level there. That means that “EcoBazaar” bundles the market in its traditional understanding and an up-to-date shopping mall with the whole service complex for citizens. So, this way, residents get a new trade and service level. That is why the governor Anatoliy Artamonov not only promised an extensive support to “EcoBazaar” in Obninsk but also expressed a desire to see the same “EcoBazaar” in Kaluga.

“It is necessary to make such a center in Kaluga as soon as possible, but only twice bigger”, - stressed Anatoliy Artmonov and when seeing over the building in Obninsk made an architectural proposal at once – to make it as mirror, that means, to double the variant of the building in Obninsk joining it as one and to make a passage between them. This way, the construction footprint will be not 5 000 but 10 000 sq.m. And there, as Anatoliy Dmitrievich believes, it would be practical to locate not only rows with farmers products but also with other goods, food court, restaurant for people to spend the whole day in such a center. The variant of “EcoBazaar” in Obninsk exactly calls for it.

There will be a farmers market itself on the first floor where each trade place will have its own design. This way tenants will have a chance to highlight their trade places stressing their individuality. Also, a restaurant and food court will be there. The central hall on the first floor will be a place for different festivals which are very popular among the citizens of Mytishchi, the town where the first “EcoBazaar” of the country was constructed. Thus the succession will be provided, cause at the “EcoBazaar” in Obninsk there will also be a transformer bridge in the center of the hall which will be a stage for performers during the course of the folk festivals. Around it there will be spaces for national food courts where they will cook for example pilaf, khinkali etc.

In sum, the central zone will be a citizens’ attraction. That means that a lot of people will come and arrive here. “And what about parking?” – governor asked a question with this connection. It turned out to be even more parking spots here than in Mytishchi. As the project managers say, it will be enough. And if not, then they will find ways to expand the parking place in collaboration with the town authorities; the head of town Administration Aleksandr Avdeev confirmed this as he is also interested in creating as many comforts for citizens as possible.

Now the construction works are coming to an end in the building, we can see the general arrangement, it is planned to set two escalators in the center of the hall, also elevators which will lead to the 2nd floor where will be a retail zone and administrative spaces. The total area is 11000 sq.m.

The main point that differs “EcoBazaar” from shopping malls and traditional markets is the full technological infrastructure: not only the trade place equipment but also the technology of the goods preparation is plug-and-produce. Cold stores, presales preparation sections and other technological services necessary for farmers occupy the cellar. Right now they start the delivery of refrigerating and in-store equipment to the site and the technical opening of “EcoBazaar” is planned for August.

“EcoBazaar” in Obninsk will be the first object in Kaluga region that can be retailed in the whole region. Even at the consideration stage of the project governor Anatoliy Artamonov recommended to build at least five “EcoBazaars” in Kaluga region. Now he hurries up with the start of the object construction in Kaluga promising the excessive support and understanding that CorpEstate is that very investor to which it’s necessary to create as most favorable working environment as possible. And the regional authorities are ready to grant privileges for them and other investors in which the region is interested. “We are ready to cut construction costs for you, undertake utility infrastructure etc to offset your expenditures”, - promised Anatoliy Dmitrievich and traditionally gave his phone number for direct operational communication with the investor. “Call us more often”, - said governor before leaving.