EcoBazaar Is Set to Open in Mytishchi

EcoBazaar Is Set to Open in Mytishchi

2 december

EcoBazaar - a retail farm produce trade center - is opening its doors in Mytishchi (2 Veterans Boulevard).

As was reported to us by representatives of the Rostik Group corporation (owner of the facilities), "customers will be offered a wide assortment of organic products and a guarantee of perfect quality and top-level service ." According to representatives of the owner corporation, the goal of EcoBazaar is "to create a new trade culture, to restore the tradition whereby townspeople treat bazaars as centers of mass attraction and leisure, while simultaneously offering them an opportunity to receive the maximum number of services in one place at a fundamentally new level and for reasonable prices."

Trade operations are conducted by producers and distributors of farm produce via individual market stalls stylized to fit different format commercial structures.

Farm produce trade area is unquestionably the "heart" of EcoBazaar. Tenants were selected on a competitive basis. In addition to the traditional greens, vegetables and fruits, the Mytishchi-based EcoBazaar will offer taiga berries, venison, homemade sausages, fresh fish, hot oven-baked bread, wild honey, homemade yogurt, and many others. The retail complex also houses: related home goods stores, consumer services, a coffee shop and a restaurant with a sunroom, a bank branch, a pharmacy, and a child care center. Altogether there are about 250 retail outlets that are housed under the bazaar roof.

EcoBazaar will operate from 09.00 to 21.00 hours.