Building industry news

The building of the 2nd facility of the EcoBazaar chain is actively continued in Obninsk. The building of the facility has been started in summer 2013, and now the construction of the 2nd floor of the future farmer market is near completion. As early as this year it throws open its doors for Obninsk people.  

The main planning concepts are spacious, light, and aerial interiors. And for clearance of the main retail space from pillar supports, and for giving additional space the long span metal structures will be applied .

The image of the building will be characterized with common features of European markets: pitched roof, central aisle with natural light, leaded light glazing, and marquees. Along the face from Marx prospect there will be shop line with associated goods and services, all of them will feature large windows. The face is now wainscoted with sandwich panels. Greenish tone of the construction associates with ecology.

The most recent photos from the site you can see  here.