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Odenem mam

Owner: PE Tolmachyova E.V.
Products geography: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, Baltics
Location: 2nd floor
Номер торгового места: 157

In our shop “Odenem mam” pregnant and lactating women can buy stylish and comfortable clothes!
We offer you first of all not expensive but at the same time quality and stylish clother which goes with all the requirements of pregnant women.
And also: large assortment of linen and pre-and –after delivery bandages. Bra caps are made of elastic cotton fabrics so when the breasts are getting bigger they don’t squeeze it, they just stretch. It helps the breasts not to lose form and protects from stretch marks.
Our collection of clothes for pregnant and lactating moms is a combination of brigh, beautiful, practical, functional, comfortable, modern and many other positive characteristics!  It producers have taken into account not only fashion tendencies but also all the requirements of pregnant women.

Only professionals work with us! We cooperate with tens of producers that is why we can offer you:
-    diversity of styles:
-    directions
-    different pricing categories
-    different color-grades
-    frequent renewal of assortment
If you want to buy clothes for pregnant women here – it is easy, simple and cheap!

Exclusive products

The personnel of our shop of clothes for pregnant “Odenem mam” does everything for you to feel as comfortable as possible and for every mum-to-be to stay satisfied with service and purchases! We value each of our clients! We have a lot of good special offers and sales.