• Aromatnye vkusnyashki
  • Aromatnye vkusnyashki
Aromatnye vkusnyashki

Aromatnye vkusnyashki

Owner: PE Shkelya G.L.
Products geography: Russia
Location: 2nd floor, opposite the shop “Bashmag”
Номер торгового места: 199

In this wonderful shop you can buy natural cosmetics and handmade soap for you and your close ones.
We offer you original cosmetics which will not only help you to maintain your beauty presents my nature but also will be a great gift to you and your close ones. All the products contain natural plant components: ether and vegetable oils, herbal and fruit essences, plant parts, flower petals etc.

Main assortment

Natural cosmetics – Handmade soap – Shampoo – Shower gel – Bubble bath – Face cream – Hair masks and balsams – Cremes and masks for face etc.

Exclusive products

Thanks to the usage of plant and natural cosmetics metabolic processes in skin cells become better, different cosmetic flaws disappear, skin become moist. Moreover, the production of our cosmetics is based on the aroma –and phytotherapy principals. One more its peculiarity is that its handmade produced and that is why the quality level of the finished product is high.