On April, 19 EcoBazaar visitors dedicated 8764 eggs and 1285 Easter cakes

By tradition on Great Saturday people pour to churches and cathedrals to dedicate Easter food. For convenience of Moscow region Mytishchi residents, EcoBazaar invited a churchman on The Resurrection Sunday Eve for dedication service of the Easter products.

Whole families came to EcoBazaar for the festive event. Thousands of people brought Easter cakes, eggs and Easter curd puddings here.

The churchman said a prayer and dedicated Easter treatment. For all the faithful people to have time to dedicate everything prepared for a festive meal, tens of tables were set on the first floor of EcoBazaar. But there was a many-hour queue of desiring residents.

They could also by Easter products and decorations for a festive table here. Easter cakes and curd puddings, colored eggs, muffins, loaves, sponge cakes…with raisins, nuts, toppings… Residents loved colorful Easter cakes, they are considered to be not only a tasty treatment but also an unusual present.

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