"Okraina" cleans water as in Switzerland

Water which is used at the production of meat products “Okraina” has become even better. We have brought in the most advanced method of the water cleaning through its oxygenation. The latest system of the nonpressure airing “Altsoft AIRsyst” is responsible for it.

The integrated treatment system shows high productivity 16 cum per hour.0B1A9805 (Copy).jpg

Only during the first stage “Altsoft AIRsyst” happens water softening and the removal of iron, mangan, aluminium, ammonium, humic substances and heavy-metal ions from it. All the organic impurities, turbidity and lees completely disappear. Additionally water goes through the UV (ultraviolet) purifying procedure.

As a result, initial (wellbore) water complies with all the requirements for organic meat products production. Moreover, it complies with all the strict norms imposed to water in Switzerland!

“Altsoft AIRsyst” has one more advantage: moderate level of its operational costs. Thanks to more economical and correct system of water cleaning, “Okraina” can preserve not only high product quality but also affordable price level.

0B1A9804 (Copy).jpg

Clean water – tasty products!

Okraina. Closer to real!