How to congratulate your man on the Defender’s Day: 5 unconventional ideas.

What present is better to make to your special one? Even men themselves can’t answer this question. Women, looking for a present, brush aside tens of different variants to choose that very which will gladden and surprise their men. We present some ideas for the fair sex to choose a gift for February, 23 easily.  

Idea №1. A holiday must begin with a fantastic breakfast. We would like to note that if you want not just to give a present to your lover but also to turn this day into something magical, you have to pay special attention to the food choice. It is better not only to use favorite ingredients but to combine them with popular aphrodisiacs which will help you to enjoy their fantastic taste and to get an unforgettable evening. So, the ideal choice for breakfast will be red caviar and some refined cheese (especially blue cheese) which you will find on the 1st floor of EcoBazaar.

Idea №2..After breakfast you can offer your dear man to relax in a balmy bath. It should be noted that many aromas strengthen the person’s smell, sharpening other receptors at the same time. Aromatic oils, soapsuds and other cosmetics with strong aromas are very powerful aphrodisiacs to which you also better pay special attention. To buy them we go to the “Aromatniye vkusnyashki” and “Yuzhniy dvor” on the 2nd floor of EcoBazaar.

Idea №3. A printed photo of some noble animal is a universal gift. Write all the features for which you love your man under this picture and put it in the frame or in the album. You won’t just surprise your special one with this present but will also remind him of your feelings.

Idea №4. A cup is not a less traditional gift. And this at first site ordinary present is surprisingly always suitable for the occasion. Practically all men drink tea or coffee really often. And a personal cup helps to get maximum pleasure of this process. To this present you can add elite tea or coffee which you can buy at the EcoBazaar in “Chainiy domik” right opposite the bakery.

Idea №5. Dinner is a high light of the holiday. And of course it is also better to choose aphrodisiacs which will help you to make your night unforgettable. For the last course of the dinner choose strawberry with champagne, chocolate and fruit (melon, passion fruit, avocado). These products have the strongest excitatory and toning effects and will crucially change your relationships for many years.

Of course it is not an easy task to prepare an unforgettable holiday on February, 23 that is why if you don’t want to spend so much time and efforts to buy all the necessary presents and products, we advise you to go to EcoBazaar where you will find everything you need.

Recognize and love your men and then they will perform exploits for you!