Harvest month: cheese shop Signore Formaggio at the EcoBazaar is open

On September, 14 cheese shop of the outlet chain Signore Formaggio was opened at the EcoBazaar.

In this fantastic taste and flavor boutique you will find a great many of cheese from different countries and also from Russia, produced in Kaluga region from organic products at the European quality standards. Though cheese is a very popular product and a lot of people love it, there is no culture of cheese consumption in Russia in itself. The Signore Formaggio team decided ti revitalize the lost cheese-making traditions and to develop the culture of cheese consumption through the connection of domestic production and European quality.

IMG_2800 (Copy).jpg

The main peculiarity of this trade place at the EcoBazaar is that any customer can watch the fresh natural cheese production process through the glass and so to assure yourself in its high quality. Signore Formaggio is doing its best for the customers to be positive about the product quality.

After the official opening ceremony there was a great buffet for the EcoBazaar customers. Everyone could pretaste different cheese varieties and light fruit snacks and enjoy flavorsome wine. Jazz orchestra performance contributed to the festive atmosphere. Also in the framework of the cheese boutique opening there was an interesting workshop on the yoghurt desserts. Chef told about the cooking secrets and shared some personal tricks. But they were little customers who most of all showed their interest in the culinary show. They watched the chef with great pleasure and caught his every word. Also, a children drawing contest and a music quiz were organized for them. At the end of the Signore Formaggio opening ceremony each child got a sweet prize. As a result, everyone was full and happy!

We are waiting for you and your family at the EcoBazaar!

Cheese shop of the outlet chain Signore Formaggio – first floor,  TP № 149, in close vicinity to the escalator, opposite the bakery.

Event photos are here