On April, 30 EcoBazaar congratulates Veterans and holds a campaign “St.George’s ribbon”

On April, 30 EcoBazaar traditionally congratulates our dear Veterans. We congratulate 35 veterans – neighborhood residents. In 2013 we decided to congratulate Veterans not only on Victory Day. Sweet buffet and presents were prepared on February, 23 and March, 8 also. This year we will congratulate more than 100 veterans and war workers at the EcoBazaar.

As it was last year, on April, 30 more than 20 000 St.George ribbons will be spread and this will be done by the volunteers and guys from the MPC “Granitsa” (The Border).

On April, 30 from 15.00 till 19.00 you can get a ribbon:

  • at crossing intersection of Mira street and Lyotnaya street 
  • at the intersection of Mira street and Novomytishchinskiy prospect 
  • near “Mytishchi” station 
  • near “Perlovskaya” station

St. George ribbon is a symbol of respect to the Veterans, a tribute to the memory of fallen in battle, a gratitude to people who gave everything to the front. To everyone by virtue of whom we won in 1945. And black and yellow colors mean “fuma and flame” and are the signs of personal merits of the soldier on the battle field.

You can set St.George ribbon on the lapel, tie it on your arm, bag or on the car antenna.