Even more New Year presents at the EcoBazaar!

It is a well-known fact that New Year is the time to present gifts to your close ones. But it is also the time when you can pamper your own carcass.

That is why EcoBazaar has prepared 7 New Year presents for you and your lovers. Why seven? Because it is a lucky number. In the nearest future some shops with different pleasant things will open on the 2nd floor.
  • From December, 7:
    “New Year conga” – large assortment of New Year souvenirs and décor items.

  • From Decemer, 8:
    “Braiding” – great specialists and good mood. A peal masterpiece on your head in just a half an hour!

  • From December, 10:
    “UGGS” – favorite shoes for home, work, walks;
    “Palatines and hats” – wide range of the coziest New Year presents:
    “Pictures handmade” – everything for beginning artists, the best present for your close ones is that made with your hands;
    “Gloves” – wide assortment of knitted and leather gloves;
    “Costumes from Baltics” – a fantastic present for yourself.

Go upstairs to the 2nd floor and buy presents for yourselves and your close ones!