Okraina presents new flavors – a unique product for Russian market – hard-smoked sausages

We hasten to share fantastic news with you – there is a new gastronomic masterpiece on the farmers’ market “EcoBazaar” – hard-smoked sausages from PE “Okraina”.

The flavor of hard-smoked sausages is gourmet and refined. Like good wine, hard-smoked sausages need maturation and ageing. That is why Austrian technologists were working during long days on the creation of a particular consistency using only high-grade meat and specially selected races of spices and seasoning.

We are sure that new types of hard-smoked sausages of PE “Okraina” will occupy a special place on your festive table!

Ask the vendors of the PE “Okraina” for a new assortment of hard-smoked sausages:

Sausage “Cervelat Alpiyskiy”


Sausage “Cervelat Tirolskiy”


Saysage “Cervelat Shveytsarskiy”


Sausage “Cervelat Alpiyskiy”, 250g


Sausage “Cervelat Shveytsarskiy”, 250g


Try a specialty!

You can buy these products at the trade place № 10 – to the right from the central entrance