EcoBazaar has become even more beautiful!

We love our customers and that is why we always try to make our EcoBazaar better and better. For this purpose to be achieved we have created real pieces of art right on the territory near the shopping center itself!

As a follow-up to the Children’s Day, a special campaign was organized in concert with an Obninsk art school named after Vladimir Denisov. Talanted pupils of this school took part in it. They have drawn-up semi-spheres near the EcoBazaar territory.


All the works are saturated with children’s vivacity and are the pictures of the young artists’ personalities. Each of youthful creators has made a sphere to his/her wish and liking. This is why these are not just hand-painted semi-spheres now but a real art gallery with works of future artists and designers. Now these semi-spheres will gladden not only EcoBazaar customers but also those living nearby. Babies especially liked the semi-spheres.

Do you see how wonderful they look?
коллаж 2.jpg

All the participants got presents and prizes from Ecobazaar for a fantastic realization of their sometimes even bold ideas.

In our turn, we express gratitude to all the participants for their contribution into the development of our market!