It was a fun and joyful awarding ceremony for our little participants of the kids’ drawings exhibition on November 29

Our EcoBazaar in Obninsk has become even brighter and more joyful on November, 29! It happened thanks to our little artists who created pictures for the kids’ drawings exhibition “My favorite fruit” with enthusiasm and inspiration. The exhibition lasted for two weeks. And on Saturday, November 29 all the participants were invited to the awarding ceremony!

The partners of this event were:

- Baby stores’ chain “Aist”

- Bakery “Dolina Vkusa”

- Café-bar “Hoper Brothers”

- Café “ Yoghurino”

- Trade place №20

- Trade place №27

- Online eco-market 4fresh/

More than130 children took part in this contest including those from the Kids’ center “Carousel”.

Doctor Chyo’s laboratory was on the stage and performed curious experiments for children. They learnt how to produce sounds with the help of plastic bottles, touched magic smoke which granted wishes, saw how to punch balloons for them not to bust… Little scientists were enthused!

And eco-market 4fresh organized a workshop where kids could learn how to sculpt bathroom bombs in the shape of fruit and vegetables.

Children dressed like fruits read poems, competed in who will be the loudest at shouting “EcoBazaar” and the best at whistling. Even fathers were involved in blowing large sacks up.

Clown, animator, face painting and singer Leora also entertained children. Nursery rhymes, ringing laugh, fiery with joy eyes…

What a great even it was! We are waiting for you again!