• Shoe shop “BashMag”
  • Shoe shop “BashMag”
  • Shoe shop “BashMag”

Shoe shop “BashMag”

Owner: PE Zhygunova
Location: on the 2nd floor, near the elevator
Номер торгового места: 156
“BashMag” company was founded in 1995 as a wholesale shoes organization. In 1999 they started a retail department of the company. Today there are 60 stores of the chain in Russia. 26 of them are in Moscow, 27 are in Moscow region and 7 stores are in cities: Tyumen (2 stores), Oryol, Tambov, Engels, Penza, Obninsk.

Main assortment

Shoes for women, men and children, shoe cosmetics, accessories etc.