Circus from EcoBazaar is gone – bright impressions are left!

Expectations of all the guests who came to the circus show were satisfied to the full!

By good tradition, EcoBazaar annually holds kids’ holiday occasioned with Children’s Day. We decided to make kids’ day with a circus show this year. It was a hard-driving and varied programme, as usual: clowns, acrobats, strong-arm men, aerial gymnast.

Everything started on the ground before EcoBazaar, clowns Iriska and Bom were animating kids, holding contests and distributing sweets and candies.

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We especially want to thank the partners of our holiday: “Yoghurteria” (TP 94), Tea yard (TP 130) and Street café with draught lemonade (TP 33, 34), for providing us with coupons for treats.

Then the holiday proceeded with soap-bubbles show right on the 1st floor inside EcoBazaar. Soap fairy show attracted the attention of all the kids who had gathered there, and brought their parents back to the childhood.

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At 12 pm, when all the spectators took their places in the hall, the fanfare blared forth and the host declared the performance, which EcoBazaar presented all the Mytishichi residents, open. Artists from famous Moscow and Saint-Petersburg circuses took part in this bright show, and many of them are international contests’ awarders.

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Hundreds of amazed eyes were following an aerial gymnast.

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Kids were astonished with the clown which who attracted spectators to participation in each number, masterly played saxophone and violin and could really thrill the audience.

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The key of the program were giant, beautiful and colorful parrots 1 meter height.

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Strong-arm man juggled with 36 kilo balls like with light pills, easily turned carousel with 4 girls on his shoulders and finally showed a sensational number where a car ran down him.

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The circus show was an absolute success among children and adults. Each kid got a big balloon from EcoBazaar when leaving the tent.

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We’ll be waiting for you at EcoBazaar again! Come with your whole family!